Applications for this year (2023-24) should include the following, as applicable: 

  • Short description of the project or initiative and total project budget
  • Short explanation of how the project aligns with the Junior League Mission 
  • Number of individuals, geographic areas, and target population benefiting from the proposal/agency work
  • Dollar amount requested, up to $5,000 (grant payout may be less)
  • Period the funding request will cover
  • Balance sheet and/or Annual Report for the last 3 years. 
  • Signature of executive director or board chair, and best contact info for follow-up questions
  • Short Narrative:
    • Organizational Background (history, mission and goals)
    • Brag a little! Tell us about your current programs, activities and accomplishments
    • How your organization and/or specific projects have been impacted by the pandemic
    • Purpose of request: Goals and Outcomes
    • How the organization is planning to achieve its goals, the specific activities to be organized and how
    • Planned utilization of JLNS volunteers
    • Outline of how the JLNS contribution will be recognized if granted
  • Attachments:
    • List of Board of Directors, and if any Junior League members are currently involved
    • Proof of 501(c)3 status, if available
    • Projected line item budget, noting the specific use of the funds requested from the League, as well as other potential sources of funding
    • If available, articles and/or reviews of the organization’s programs

Please contact the Community Outreach Council via with any general questions. Please do not contact the council for updates on your grant application prior to May 1st-- all grant applicants will be notified once the approval process has been completed.

Giving Back

The Junior League of Napa-Sonoma accepts grant applications on an annual basis, from organizations who support the League's Mission of positively impacting the lives of children and families in Sonoma and Napa Counties.

This League year (2023-24), we are proud to be giving $8,000 in local grants! ​

All grant applicants will be notified by early May on the status of grant applications. Grant recipients will be invited to receive their grants and be recognized at our annual celebration in May/June. Thank you to Bloomberg for supporting our grant program again this year! 

Applications should be submitted by Friday, March 29, 2024 to the League's Community Outreach Council for review.  
Application form here.  

Giving Back

Community Grant Application 2023-24